Past Projects

Past Projects

Project: Cognitive and Cultural Foundations of Religion and Morality

Principal Investigators: Harvey Whitehouse and Jonathan Jong

Funding: Templeton World Charity Foundation

Project: Natural Governance

Principal Investigators: Harvey Whitehouse, Dominic Johnson and David Macdonald

Project: ALIGNED: Quality-centric Software and Data Engineering

Principal Investigators: Kevin Feeney. Co-Investigators: Jim Davies, Harvey Whitehouse, Sebastian Hellemann, Andreas Koller, Christian Dirschl, Arkadiusz Marciniak, Jeremy Gibbons, Piotr Bledzki, and Pieter François

Funding: European Commission H2020

Project: Axial-Age Religions and the Z-Curve of Human Egalitarianism

Principal Investigator: Peter Turchin 

Co-Investigators: Thomas Currie, Harvey Whitehouse, Peter Peregrine, Kevin Feeney, and Douglas White

Funding: John Templeton Foundation

Project: Ritual, Community, and Conflict

Principal Investigator: Harvey Whitehouse

Funding: Economic and Social Research Council Large Grant

Project: Identifying the Intra-Group Causes of Inter-Group Conflict: Toward an Interdisciplinary Framework and Research Centre

Principal Investigator: Harvey Whitehouse

Funding: John Fell OUP Research Fund

Project: Religion’s Impact on Human Life: Integrating Proximate and Ultimate Perspectives

Principal Investigators: Harvey Whitehouse, David Sloan Wilson, and Jon Lanman

Funding: John Templeton Foundation

Project: The Development of Teleological and Causal Reasoning About Ritualized Action

Co-Investigators: Harvey Whitehouse and Cristine Legare

Funding: McDonnell Foundation Research Grant and John Fell Fund Grant

Project: Explaining Religion

Principal Investigator: Harvey Whitehouse 

Funding: European Commission NEST Pathfinder Grant